Skill Work: EMOM 6 minutes (alternating)
30 seconds of L-Sit hold
30 seconds Hand Stand hold

Weightlifting: Push Press + Split Jerk
E2MOM 12 minutes 3 Push Press + 1 Split Jerk at 80% of best Push Press

WOD: Athletes choice of WOD A, B or C
A: 20 Minute Row for Distance
In 20 minutes, row as many meters as possible, score is total distance in meters rowed.
B: 100 HSPU For Time
This workout is extremely taxing on the shoulders, break them up into sustainable sets from the start and do not go into failure.
C: 30 Bar Muscle Ups For Time
This workout is grip intensive, figure out how you would want to split these up so you do not tear or go into failure.