News and Events

  • Women’s Only Self-Defense Seminar

    How would you react ?? ! ! Lean techniques on how to protect yourself, defend yourself and get away to safety… One World Krava Maga will be hosting a FREE self-defense seminar for WOMEN ONLY. It is totally FREE for One World Members and Non-Members alike! One Worlders, spread the word to your girlfriends…This is […]

  • One World Annual Christmas Party

    The One World Annual Holiday Party is Coming!! When: December 2, 2017 (Saturday), 6:00pm – when everyone leaves Where: One World Self Defense and Fitness We are going to have the annual White Elephant Raffle. Kids and Adult gifts are separate. The gift should be no LESS than $24.99. Wear your best white outfit. Come […]

  • Thanksgiving Hours 2017

    Hey One Worlders, The holiday schedule on Thursday the 23rd will be 1 class at 10AM with open gym until 1PM. Regular schedule resumes on Friday. Have a great Thanksgiving!! -Brad and Carmella

  • Congratulations Coach Josh!

    Congratulations to One World Powerlifting Coach Josh Moore who took 1st in his weight class at the 2017 IPL World Powerlifting Championship this weekend with a 1433 powerlifting total! Hitting 369 lbs on bench press, 490 lbs on squat, and 573 lbs on deadlift! Way to kill it Josh!

  • Women’s Only Self Defense Seminar -November 2017

    Hey One Worlders, One World Krava Maga will be hosting a FREE self-defense seminar for WOMEN ONLY. This hands on seminar will teach you to protect yourself, neutralize the situation and get away to safety. It’s FREE for One World Members and Non-Members alike so bring a girlfriend! When: Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 12:00pm-2:00pm […]

  • Congratulations 880 Cup 2017 Winners!

    Congratulations to Crossfit One World’s 880 Cup 2017 North Bay Fire Fundraiser Winners! Crossfit One World would like to thank everyone that competed in our North Bay Fundraiser, and to friends and family that came out to cheer on their favorite teams. Men’s RX: First Place: The Dingleberries (John Devane, Joe Devane) Second Place: Non […]

  • No Classes October 28, 2017 (Saturday)

    Hey One Worlders just a quick reminder that tomorrow October 28th, there will be no classes. But that doesn’t let you off the hook! If you didn’t know the 880 Cup will be taking place which will be our way of giving back to the community by raising funds and gathering donations for the victims […]

  • 880 Cup Movement Standards

    All 880 Cup Athletes, Thanks for Signing up for the 880 Cup and supporting our fundraiser for the victims of the North Bay Fires. There is still time for your friends to sign up for this competition so urge your friends to come and compete for this great cause! We just made some updates to […]

  • Congratulations to Josh and Mike

    Congratulations to our One World Barbell Club Athletes Josh and Michael who competed at Max’s Open on Saturday, October 21, 2017. Josh took 1st Place in the Men’s 69kg weight class and qualified for the American Open! Michael went 6 for 6 and PR’d  in both Snatch and Clean and Jerk which is something very […]

  • Crossfit One World’s 880 Cup Benefit

    Right now as you probably know many people have been suffering loss due to the current fires that are wrecking havoc in Northern California. Many of those individuals, may have been close family members, or you may have been affected yourself. It’s hard to think that in an instant everything can be taken away from […]