Congratulations to Crossfit One World’s 880 Cup 2017 North Bay Fire Fundraiser Winners!

Crossfit One World would like to thank everyone that competed in our North Bay Fundraiser, and to friends and family that came out to cheer on their favorite teams.

Men’s RX:

First Place: The Dingleberries (John Devane, Joe Devane)

Second Place: Non jacked little tan (David Lima and Anthony Tong)

Third Place: Perfect Strangers (Tony Lin and Allen John)


Womens’ RX:

First Place: We do this for fun? (Laura Turold and Brittney Codera)

Second Place: Moe & Quy (Monique and Q)

Third Place: Wine, Not Whine (Becca Miller and Stephanie Nagy)


Men’s Scaled:

First Place: Everything Optional (Harvey Roxas and Lou Ladeine)

Second Place: Team No-Rep (Rob Sabin and Daniel Matsuda)

Third Place: Team Rob and Big (Troy Roush and Noaeh Pinaire)


Women’s Scaled:

First Place: Pumpkin Iron (Holly and Lisa)

Second Place: SWOLE Mates (Bre and Rosy)

Third Place: Booty and the Beast (Sara Ordaz and Ryka Hirokane)