Congratulations to our One World Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifters, Brooke and Annelisse. Both young ladies competed in the June 2017 USAW Youth National Weightlifting meet in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brooke finished with competition PR’s for her Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total.  She took 4th place in Snatch and 5th in C&J, and had a 5th place Total, just missing 4th by 1kg.

Annelisse’s placed 3rd overall, Bronze in Snatch and Silver in Clean & Jerk plus she hit PR on her Clean with only 1 year of Olympic Weightlifting. There are over 800 youth athletes ages 17 & under. 12 athletes in her age and weight class.

Way to go Brooke and Annelisse, we are very proud of you! Also thank you Jason T. for being such an awesome coach and Lyn for being back there helping out.