Olympic Weight Lifting starting October 23, 2016.

Olympic lifting is one of the foundational movements in Crossfit, and we will be offering two classes per week to fine tune your technique in both the snatch and clean and jerk. This will be a one-hour session where we will focus on either just the snatch or the clean and jerk and break down these movements into its specific parts to fine tune and reinforce the fundamentals of proper movement. This is a wonderful opportunity to get some constructive criticism on your technique and build your strength to start setting some PRs!

Classes will be Sunday from 9 AM- 10:30 (Coach Allen John) and Tuesday from 8 PM-9 PM. (Coach Inder Takhar). The Olympic lifting program starts Sunday October 23 @ 9am.

The first month will be free for OneWorld members only. Drop in non One World members will be charged $20.
We will have 8 spots available per class.

If you are interested in the free 1st month session, (there after the rate will be 15.00 per session). please sign up at the front desk this week. First come first served.