Crossfit One World is kicking off “The Road to Swole” contest, challenging you to track your own fitness for 3 months. The One World Member who has the biggest change in their overall body composition will win a free month of membership or one session (6 weeks) of bootcamp.

On top of prizes like a free month of One World membership, and a free body scan from Body Spec, this contest will help push you in the right direction by helping you learn the basics of nutrition tracking, and focusing on the right metrics instead of just looking at the scale.

The contest kicks off January 27th with our first weigh in/ measurement check through Body Spec or Fitness Wave in January and then again in April. Turn in your results by April 30, 2018 and we will announce the winner in the first week of May!

Find out more details on the contest check out the One World Nutrition Facebook Page, The Front Desk.

Sign up for the contest at the front desk of the gym.

Here are the links to get signed up for your first scan/dunk:

BodySpec Dexascan will be at One World on 1/27/17

Fitness Wave will be at various Bay Area locations in January