Right now as you probably know many people have been suffering loss due to the current fires that are wrecking havoc in Northern California.

Many of those individuals, may have been close family members, or you may have been affected yourself. It’s hard to think that in an instant everything can be taken away from you, but right now we are seeing that exact tragedy happen.

Originally we at Crossfit One World planned to host the 880 Cup as a friendly gym rivalry to find the fittest gym, but right now we’ve come to realize that our community needs us to come together and focus on more pressing matters.

As a result, we’ve decided to turn the 880 Cup into a benefit event to help gather supplies and raise funds to donate to those affected by the fire. We plan on taking 70% of the WOD Rocket registration fees and donating them to organizations that are helping to bring relief to those affected by the fires.

If you are not able to compete, or attend we are also gathering supplies, as soon as possible. Below is a list of supplies that we are accepting as well as the address to our location.


Crossfit One World Address: 33415 Western Ave. Union City California 94587

List Of Supplies We Are Accepting:
-Baby Food
-Pet Food
-Bar of soap
-Fingernail clipper kit
-Hand towel or wash cloth
-Pocket-sized package of facial tissues
-Notepads and pens
-Laundry Soap or Laundry Pods
-Toilet Paper
-Playing Cards
-Crossword or word search books
-OTC Medicine

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